I wish....

Saturday, 19 October 2013

.... I could be a morning person. I swear I'm not human til lunch time and no amount of caffeine helps. Other people can leap out of bed and achieve a million things by 10.00 am while I'm pouring coffee down my throat and resisting the urge not to throw myself back under the covers.

.... I could sing. Now don't get me wrong I don't want to sing for a living, I just want to be able to carry a tune. I have always loved to sing, whenever there is music playing I'm singing along. Unfortunately nobody loves to hear me so I try to keep the noise level to a minimum. The same applies to whistling, I've never been able to do it as easy as everyone else makes it.

.... I could understand my sons maths homework. It was my worst subject and he seems to have taken after me. It's so frustrating to watch him struggle and only be of minimal assistance. He's doing really well in everything else so I'm not too worried, I just wish I could help.

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